Bentley Approved Accident Repairs

Bentley-approved body shop & accident repairs

Owning a Bentley means cherishing automotive excellence. When the unexpected happens, trust Hilton Coachworks, the UK's largest independent Bentley repair specialist. Our dedicated team of technicians understand every detail of your Bentley, from flawless paintwork to complex electrical systems. In our Bentley-approved repair centre, we use only genuine Bentley parts and tools to restore your vehicle to factory condition, backed by our warranty for lasting confidence. Our meticulous estimators and final inspections guarantee every repair is complete and your Bentley performs flawlessly.

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The benefits of using a Bentley approved paint and body centre

Having decided to invest in a quality car in the first place, it’s unlikely you’d want anything but the best workmanship, should you ever need repair work on your Bentley. Not only will you care about your car, but you’ll no doubt care a great deal about the people you drive around in it. If you’ve purchased your car and have an accident, you’ll want to keep any warranty intact. When it comes to selling it, you’ll want to recoup as much as possible. If you lease your vehicle, you won’t want to be faced with additional charges upon returning the car with unsatisfactory repairs. Whatever your circumstances, as the UK's largest independent Bentley-approved repair centre, we will always guarantee the very highest standard of repairs. People often think that an insurance-approved repairer will provide the best work, but this simply means their repairs comply with the insurer’s standards, which may differ from the manufacturers of your car. A manufacturer-approved repairer will use only genuine paint and parts, fitted by specialists properly trained to install them. Insurers will always try to sway you towards using their preferred repair partners but ultimately the decision rests with you, choosing a manufacturer-approved repairer will always be the best choice for you and your vehicle. If you would like to use Hilton Coachworks as your repairer of choice, please contact us stating your insurance provider and claim number.

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Key benefits of using a manufacturer-approved Bentley repairer

Factory repair methods to ensure that vehicles are returned to factory approved standards.

Audited to ensure that we work to the highest Bentley standards in everything that we do.

Only genuine Bentley diagnostic equipment to ensure that all systems are set correctly after repair.

Only genuine Bentley parts and materials are used.

State-of-the-art Bentley approved equipment.

Fully trained Bentley technicians.




Vehicle repaired to pre-accident condition

Manufacturer-approved trained technicians

Repairs guaranteed for the duration of your ownership

Genuine manufacturer-approved parts

Manufacturer-approved paints

Complimentary on brand courtesy car
* Subject to Availability

Warranty upheld

Hilton Coachworks manufacturer-approved repairer

Choose a manufacturer-approved repairer you can trust

  • Manufacturer-approved
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Same-brand courtesy car
  • Dedicated advisor customer representative
  • The latest technology to repair the vehicle
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