Commitment to Quality

Commitment To Quality

Many auto body specialists are forced to resort to less-expensive reproduction parts and paint in order to meet insurance cost requirements. At Hilton Coachworks, we use only manufacturer-approved products, including paint and parts. Find out why you should only accept a manufacturer approved repair.

Hilton Coachworks' technicians are trained to factory standards, by the factory. When your vehicle arrives at Hilton Coachworks, our experienced technicians go over the car in detail, pointing out all the areas that less experienced body shops may miss.

Your car will be returned to "pre-accident" condition. We are so confident of our service that we guarantee all of our repairs.

At Hilton Coachworks, we stand behind our reputation

1. Committed to first class service - We take great pride in the quality of our service, from the moment your vehicle arrives, to the moment it leaves our premises. We aim to attain the highest possible standards in all work we undertake and the services we provide.

2. Committed to quality training - We believe that our staff are only as good as the training they receive. That is why ALL our technicians receive factory training with Mercedes Benz and other approved manufacturers to obtain the highest level of qualification possible for their area of responsibility. We invest in this training as we believe it ensures quality of service throughout all departments and improves the skill base and motivation of our staff to continue pushing our business forward.

3. Committed to ensure the highest 'duty of care' - Duty of care is a phrase that is becoming more and more important within the accident repair industry. It means that we and your insurance company are duty bound to ensure that any repairs undertaken are done to exacting manufacture approved standards. This ensures that a vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition and, in the event of another accident, will behave under impact as expected. Your insurance company must ensure that your repairs are carried out by technicians with the skill and resources to return your vehicle to such a condition.

4. Committed to using the highest quality materials - Many repairers manage to keep costs low by using inferior quality parts and paints, and un-skilled staff. Here at Hilton Coachworks we only use manufacturer approved parts and paint. Not only does this ensure the highest quality of finish but it also ensures that the vehicle is returned to the exact specification laid out by the manufacturer. 

We stand by our commitment, which is why we can confidently guarantee all of our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.

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